What is vizcaya villa's maximum capacity?

Vizcaya Villa is able to  accommodate up to 132 people.

do i have to set an appointment to view the property?

Yes. All tours, meetings and property visits are by appointment only. You can set up an appointment by emailing us at info@vizcayavilla.com, calling us at 910-459-4279 ext. 1 or by filling out the Tour form on the Contact page of the website. We highly recommend touring the venue before inquiring to book a date.

How far in advANCE can i book my desired wedding date?

We highly suggest booking a date no further than 15 months from the current date, however we are able to accommodate booking dates further in advance on a case by case basis.

How do i reserve my wedding date?

Dates are booked on a first-come first-serve basis, inquiring about a date does not secure it. A signed contract and $1,000 first payment are required to secure a date. Vizcaya Villa does not hold dates, and dates are not reserved until all booking requirements have been submitted.

what is the DIFFERENCE between the on and off peak packages?

Being that we are an outdoor wedding venue, it can be difficult to host weddings in the colder winter months while maintaining guest comfort and the property/foliage is dormant. We developed the off peak package for people looking to host their event indoors only. This package is great for couples hosting their wedding reception following an off-site ceremony, or for someone hosting a special event like a birthday or retirement party in the winter. The off-peak package is available for dates December - March only.

what rentals are AVAILABLE through vizcaya villa?

Vizcaya Villa offers a number of enhancements for couples. see Enhancements for details. All enhancements are based on availability. Pricing and availability subject to change.

Is there security or venue staff available on my wedding day?

Vizcaya Villa does not provide site security. A property representative will be on site to open the gates and building at the start of your contracted event time on event day. The property manager will return at the conclusion of your event to lock the building and may be contacted throughout your event day in case of emergency via direct phone number.

what cleaning am i responsible for?

Vizcaya Villa operates with a "leave it as you found it" policy. While we don't expect you to clean the toilets (yuck!), we do ask that all trash/debris is picked up, personal belongings collected and the building/outside grounds returned to satisfactory condition in which it was found upon arrival. Couples are expected to maintain the areas in which they, their guests, and vendors have occupied.

is the property pet friendly?

Yes! We welcome your furry family friend to be part of your special day. We simply ask that if your pet becomes disruptive that you have a designated party to take them home. In addition, being an outdoor wedding venue, it is not uncommon for couples and guests to come across some of our own property locals. Although we are located in the heart of Fayetteville, Vizcaya Villa is its own bustling ecosystem with reptiles, birds, furry fiends and more that call this property home. We typically find that with all of hustle and bustle of wedding day, these little critters prefer to stay out of the way. We would love to see your family pet added to the mix!

What restrictions should i be aware of?

We welcome you to let your creativity fly and plan your special day how you would like. While we do not hold a list of hard restrictions, there are a few things we would suggest avoiding, such as hanging items from the ceilings, glitter/confetti, holes in the walls etc. see Suggestions for other things we may urge you to avoid or further research before incorporating into your special day. Keep in mind the “leave it as you found it” policy. If anything could possibly cause damage or excessive cleaning, it may be best to rethink.

Can my dj play music outsiDe? can we host the DANCE FLOOR outside?

Your DJ may play music outside during your event, however we do caution hosting the dancing portion of your event outside as there are noise ordinances in place for Cumberland County. We highly suggest using your reasonable judgement and being cautious of the noise level outside. For more information view the Cumberland County Municode Library (Sec. 9.5-30.1 - Loud and Disturbing Noise).

what will the ballroom look like for my reception?

You and your planner may decide exactly how you would like the Ballroom set up for your reception. We include use of the indoor tables and chairs to include:

  • Up to (13) 5-foot round ballroom tables

  • Up to (6) 8-foot rectangle tables

  • (2) 6-foot rectangle tables

  • Cake table

  • Buffet tables

  • Sweetheart table and chairs

  • Up to (130) ballroom chairs

(see Ballroom Floor Plan for a printable blank floor plan)

(see Ballroom Dimensions for a printable blank floor plan with room dimensions)

What precautions should i take in case it rains on my wedding day?

In the event of inclement weather, you may utilize the covered Lakeside Pavilion as your ceremony location or host your ceremony in the Ballroom. We suggest making your weather decision within 12 - 24 hours to allow for ample set up time so that your planner and additional vendors can plan accordingly.

can my flower girl throw petals down the aisle?

We ask that you fill her basket only with elements found in nature such as real petals, bird seed, or leaves instead of faux petals. Faux petals blow into the lake, bushes etc. with the slightest gust of wind and hinder the property from looking its best. The couple is responsible for maintaining the property/building and returning all areas to the state in which it was found upon arrival. If faux petals or items not found in nature are used for celebration (glitter, confetti, faux petals etc.) they must be cleaned up before contracted gate close time or additional fees may apply.

can i have my ceremony rehearsal at vizcaya villa before the big day?

A one hour ceremony rehearsal (access to outdoor grounds only) is included with the property rental. Rehearsal times are scheduled as:

Friday weddings rehearse Thursday at 10am - 11am

Saturday weddings rehearse Friday at 10am - 11am

is there a preferred vendor list i have to use?

While we highly suggest researching reputable, insured and experienced vendors to be a part of your big day, we welcome the vendors of your choice from catering to DJ, florist, planner, bartender etc.

can i host a bar during my reception?

Yes! You may host a bar with beer, wine, champagne or liquor. If there is alcohol on the property during the time of your contracted event you must obtain and display the appropriate North Carolina ABC special use permit. Failure to do so is a violation of Vizcaya Villa's alcohol policy. Any alcohol violations will result in fines and/or immediate event termination. You must also provide a bar server throughout your event. Further questions regarding North Carolina alcohol laws please contact ABC.nc.gov. The limited special occasion permit can be found here. We will also provide a copy of the application at the time of booking.


For property measurements and dimensions, see Measurements. If you are needing a measurement, quantity or detail not listed on this sheet, send an email to info@vizcayavilla.com and we would be happy to assist you! 

Couples that booked the INCLUSIVE PACKAGE for 2019…

Although we have changed our package offerings, this change does not affect your booked package or services included on your wedding day. We believe the following links may be helpful for you as you continue planning your wedding. See Decor for details about the in-house decor selections and see Catering for menu details as part of your Inclusive package. Please feel free to give us a call with any additional questions.

***The Inclusive Package is no longer a part of our package offerings for couples looking to book Vizcaya Villa for future dates. Vizcaya Villa does not offer catering, decor or other services beyond what is detailed on the Pricing page.***